MAY 3rd 2015

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I have decided to disperse the bulk of my personal collection of classic & vintage cycle parts. There are numerous items which I retained 'just in case'; some components which I had never seen in a catalogue or otherwise and many small pieces which might appear mundane - unless that is the bit you are seeking

I will upload a few items at a time
, I believe you can look at the page even if you are not signed up to fb. There are many more parts to come than are on the page at this moment Anything Used will be clearly stated and commented upon regarding condition. Most are one-offs so it's first past the post gets it when paid by BACS direct to my Bank a/c

o make a purchase, email:  or call: 01202 639392 rather than putting a request on fb which I may not read instantly. 
Recorded Delivery in UK £5 up to 1kg weight




Pair of CAMPAGNOLO VELOCE 8speed ErgoPower shifters 1997 with pair cables & downtube black stops.
Plus Either: MIRAGE 8s short cage rear mech £295
OR: the Triple rear mech in shrink wrapped box as pic, 96 label on box £365
Every item NOS
Pair of CAMPAGNOLO SUPER RECORD STRADA cranks 165mm both have [32] on reverse NOS  £195.00
CAMPAGNOLO C-RECORD rear hub 28h, 126mm OLN, ITAL thread, early model with countersinking to alternate spoke holes, one-piece qr lever cap and blue cardboard mount inside box. I do not have a front hub. NOS boxed £160.00
CAMPAGNOLO 151bcd chainrings 48t, 49t x 3/32" NOS £70.00 EACH
CAMPAGNOLO NUOVO TIPO front hub 40h with flat lever skewer NOS £55.00
Pair of Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo small flange quick release hubs BSC thread 126mm OLN rear, 36/36 NOS boxed albeit NRec box  £125.00
CAMPAGNOLO BIODINAMICA bottle & cage NOS boxed  £110.00
STRONGLIGHT steel cottered cranks 170mm, standard 9/16" pedal threads fitted with a MAGISTRONI 49t x 1/8" steel chainring. The cranks have been USED and the chrome is distressed in places as 2nd pic but no deflected hammer blows on the arms from previous smiting of cotters! The Magistroni chainring is unmarked NOS £100.00
ALE chromed steel toeclips mod.ALPI, size Medium NOS in packet £25.00
CHATER-LEA chromed steel chainring 1" pitch x 3/16" with 24t NOS may have minor shop wear from sitting on a shelf for over 50 years  £120.00
CAMPAGNOLO C-RECORD Pista large flange/sheriff star rear hub 36h, 120mm OLN with nuts & sprocket lockring. French thread, included is a Campagnolo steel fixed sprocket 15t which screws on using fingers only without interference as do a couple vintage TDC, Villiers which must be assumed to be BSC thread. NOS  £275.00
A pair gum lever hoods & the conical adjuster rubbers for UNIVERSAL CX & mod.77 levers. I have lightly stretched the hoods and can see no signs of cracks or splits NOS boxed  £50.00
CAMPAGNOLO SPORT CHAINSET 170mm STEEL cranks unblemished chrome plate, 42/52 alloy rings NOS boxed £425.00
CAMPAGNOLO NUOVO RECORD CHAINSET 170mm 42/52 BREV rings, ring bolts & crank dustcaps, right crank 2 in circle, left crank [21] on reverse NOS boxed £425.00
CAMPAGNOLO C-RECORD CHAINSET 172.5mm cranks [32] on reverse, 40/52 AS rings, 7mm size allen key self extracting bolts. NOS boxed  £425.00
I can provide no positive identification on this item although I have a distant recollection of seeing similar as a spoke key for Penny-Farthings where the spokes screw into the hub. Hence when tightened, the thumbscrew causes the lower jaws to close and clamp around the spoke. The hook at the top keeps spoke in alignment with jaws. Cast into the body: STEVENS N.Y.   PERFECT £100.00+?
SIMPLEX tool to straighten the arm on a TdF rear derailleur or perhaps realign a chainring. A robust item measuring 188mm overall and stamped as in 2nd pic USED £50.00
RALEIGH tool to remove fixed BB cups. In situ is the tool to fit original Raleigh cups with narrow central shoulders, the other piece in fb pic is for other brand cups. stamped Raleigh Industries DD024 - possibly DD1024     USED £75.00
BSA chainwheel-to-crank screw spanner to fit theirs and other brands square headed screws. The shank is stamped BSA with the sign of the piled arms and is a USED item. Included are seven screws which are NOS  £35.00
Pair of Campagnolo Super Record deep drop calipers, allen key fitting to frame, alloy brake block shoes                                               NOS £250.00
Campagnolo COMPACT 7s freewheel body, repeat COMPACT. This uses sprockets P,N etc which seem quite scarce. However the splined shoulders are same diameter as Campa sprockets A,B,DE so whether this could be turned into a std 6s with various spacers if you fancy a challenge?     NOS £125.00
Set of early Campagnolo Delta brakes, 3 pivots, cable entry tubes at top, levers with shield logo no diagonal grip, guides for aero cable route or can pass out the top, pair pearl white cables, 3.5mm a/key. NOS No box, were found in glass case. The top price I personally have seen at auction was £981 for a later set with black trims. Trump that and they are yours
C-Record pedals aero design but the backplates curve round like a semi-quill and these can be seen on C-Record Ergonomic Pista 1988. Std aero & Ergo have straight backplates. So, its the pair as seen in pic with Camp leather straps in Chorus box plus the choice of toeclips: alloy Medium; steel Medium with adjustable strap slot, steel Long normal fixed slot NOS  £330.00
EVEREST chain for 3/32"/derailleur with slotted side plates silver finish NOS boxed  £99.00
Fausto Coppi & Gino Bartali calendar 2007. Half of each month is on one side and half on other so you get double the sides of photos, typically as second pic. Measures 315mm x 595mm, clean, no tears or dates circled. Will mail rolled in cardboard tube. £10.00
Raleigh calendar 1983, might be described as risqué by staid Raleigh standards, two months per page. Measures 535mm x 415mm, clean, no tears or dates circled Will mail rolled in cardboard tube. £25.00
Raleigh Centenary calendar 1987 depicting 8 posters from previous 100 years. Measures 420mm x 590mm, clean, no tears or dates circled. Will mail rolled in cardboard tube. £15.00
Raleigh Calendar year 2000 Limited Edition depicting ancient & modern posters. Turn calendar over and it shows pics relating to Diamond Back, Raleigh having just taken over that company. Measures 300mm x 410mm, clean, no tears or dates circled. Will mail rolled in cardboard tube £15.00
Campagnolo Nuovo Record BB set BSC thread thick wall/rifled hole cups, 115mm axle 68-SS with end bolts, PVC sleeve which may not be Campa, NOS  £120.00
Pair of Campagnolo C-Record wingnuts for qr skewers NOS £50.00
TORPADO decals self adhesive 3 pieces, top piece measures 140mm long £5.00
GANNA decals self adhesive 4 pieces, the piece on left of fb pic measures 120mm long £5.00
BIANCHI decals, the top pair in fb pic are originals and possibly spirit fix as one piece for downtube. The lower four are individual self adhesive. All are red with gold border and 135mm+/- long  £12.00
MASI metal head badge, supplied with 4 tiny screws to secure. I bought them in EU. NOS items  £20.00 EACH
Pair of Alfredo Binda toestraps tan/mustard colour with earlier impressed Binda name rather than white printed, small tarnish to buckles NOS in paper sleeve  £45.00
Campagnolo C-Record Century finish large flange front hub 28h NOS  £220.00
Campagnolo BB cups for which I do not have the exact other side: C-Record alloy right hand ITAL thread @ £35; NRecord steel thick wall left/adjustable ITAL thread @ £15. Both are NOS
Campagnolo BB axle overall length 115mm, for Italian shell 70-C-120 or for BSC shell 68-C-120, from distance between bearing shoulders I suggest they are for use with thin wall cups. Both are NOS @ £45 each £45.00 each
ATAX Stayer adjustable chromed steel stem, 180mm from expander bolt to end of forwards extension. I bought this from UK importer 35+years ago when I ran my 'normal' bike shop and its been in the branded package ever since  NOS unmarked £195.00
Set of five Campagnolo Triple chainwheel bolts & spacers part nos. 830,831,832. Normally associated with NRecord 144bcd triple chainset, they are also used for securing the cyclocross discs to a single ring        NOS  £80.00
Set of Campagnolo C-Record retro-friction downtube gear levers with all fittings and pair cables with short white outer casing        NOS in poly package  £110.00
Campagnolo Nuovo Valentino front mech, has outer casing stop on left side, could pass for original Gran Sport in the absence of one of those; cage pinch bolt is at 'quarter-past' here instead of 'o'clock'         NOS boxed  £65.00
Regina TITALL 7speed freewheel 12,13,14,15t sprockets are titanium, 16,17,18t are alloy, BSC thread on box label, probably fit IT. Includes Regina double ended remover                   NOS boxed £210.00
Quantity 10 (TEN) Campagnolo lower pivot bolt-body to jockey cage part# 811/A for Nuovo Record & Rally rear mech all NOS           £75 the lot=10 £75.00
Campagnolo crank bolt & Pista hub nut spanner #769, this one has the very early signature and globe logo stamping rather than the Brev Inter Campa. USED  £90.00
Pair Campagnolo DELTA calipers Century finish engraved PATELLI (Bologna) 3 pivot internals, signs of wear consistent with having been on a bike, further pics available to genuine enquirers  USED ITEMS £425.00
Campagnolo Nuovo Record pedal spindle LEFT #669 = not chain side, normal thread 9/16"x20       NOS  £25.00
A Selle Italia DUAL saddle, the nose is spring loaded and slides forwards and down as seen in 2nd pic. The leaflet suggests this is more effective power-wise when you are riding "on the rivet". Caution may be advised if slumping in the saddle immediately after honking up a hill! At least you'll be standing on the pedals again in an instant       NOS boxed  £75.00
25 pairs = fifty pieces Campagnolo Invito Scarpetta which is screwed to the back of pedal/toeclip to avoid snagging your shoe on entry, no screws. NOS-the lot for £30 and auction them? £30.00
Pair of Campagnolo pedal plates for C-Record 'aero' pedals, type which takes the sliding toeclips. Right plate part# 7283031, Left plate# 7283032, the bottom plate in pic is for clarity, buyer will receive the NOS pair in sealed packets  £45.00
Two Campagnolo Super Record LEFT hand alloy brake shoes with block, nut & washer. These shoes are both LEFT hand, defined as you sit on the bike, I don't have any right shoes. Two Left shoes & rubbers   NOS  £40.00
One rear brake centre bolt and one cable clamp pivot bolt each complete with washers, the pointed closed-end nuts and cable clamp bolt and plate for Chorus Monoplaner brakes. Both items sold together    NOS £38.00
Three right hand downtube gear levers for the Campagnolo Portacatena - hence the spring loaded button. I do not have the stepped backplate for lever or chain support for rear dropout so if you buy these 3 levers and maybe do an exchange if you find the other parts?        three NOS levers  £30.00
Campagnolo lower pivot bolt in titanium for Super Record rear mech/derailleur NOS £35.00
Four UMBERTO DEI decals, length of the coloured ones 92mm, height of head badge 50mm. They appear to be self-adhesive £10.00
Campagnolo Super Record unfluted Right crank 172.5mm Strada [11] on reverse, black etched logo, with dustcap  NOS £125.00
Campagnolo brake lever handle modified by PINARELLO. Campa name has been skimmed off and engraved Pinarello, 3 rows holes and CPT logo   one only  NOS £30.00
Regina TITANIO freewheel 5sp 14-22 titanium sprockets  NOS boxed £170.00
Campagnolo Super Record Pista headset BSC thread, most likely fit Italian fork also    NOS boxed £250.00
Campagnolo pump head to push on a presta valve in the usual way. However it has no 'horned' feet and the female thread bears no resemblance to 9mm on Silcas etc. The closest thread I can identify is 1/2" x 20tpi, I have this size tap which screws in with no resistance or interference. Brev Camp on side and Patent Camp on the cap  NOS £30.00
A dead ringer saddle for Campagnolo Electa. I am reliably informed by an Italian gentleman that Fugazzi invented this saddle in 1980s and Campa either bought the design or the entire company. Internal air bladder with valve under nose, gold strip on front, identical to Electa "T" shape retainers that secure cover underneath, FUGAZZI impressed in back instead of gold strips as on Campa. with bulb pump, I cannot guarantee bladder holds air  a USED item £195.00
Campagnolo C-Record double gear lever band also accepts Victory, Synchro levers but not Nuovo/Super Rec as the lever stop is in wrong position. This sale is the band & bolt, I have placed levers in fb pic for illustration only  NOS  £20.00
Campagnolo Record front mech #1052/1, band on for 28.6mm std steel seat tube, NO lip on leading edge of cage, WITH cable stop on body for use with short outer casing to stop on downtube, a short stainless outer case is included NOS boxed £250.00
Nuovo Record 2 bolt seatposts panto CHESINI. Post on Right in fb pic: diameter 26.2mm Chesini panel at front plus 5 other flutes.
Post on Left in pic: diameter 26.6mm Chesini panel at front, 4 flutes and panto Verona amphitheatre logo on back. Both 130mm length of round post, appear NOS
£100.00 each
Pair of Campagnolo ostensibly Super Record brake levers with drilled handles & white hoods. There is however a small roller at the top of the handles. This directs the brake wire out through a hole drilled in the metal body above the clamp nut to provide aero/under bar tape cables, a very early attempt at aero route. The second fb pic shows these levers fitted to Marc Madiot's bike. Pair levers NOS £170.00
Nuovo Record front & rear derailleur PAT80 ensemble with levers, two cables and short stainless outer casing for rear der.
I can offer a choice of: band on or braze on front mech * band on or braze on double levers  All items NOS.  note: available front mech has 4 cutouts in face.
Two gold capped centre nuts for the brake spindles of the Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset NOS in packet, make me the offer I cannot refuse.....
A front/outer plate for the original 1963 Record rear mech, if youre feeling brave enough to dismantle & rivet in place, this is NOS £25.00
C-RECORD headset Italian thread, most likely also fit BSC fork, NOS boxed £275.00
A pair of Campagnolo Cyclo Cross chainwheel flanges/discs to prevent chain jumping off, outer flange #753/2, inner flange #753/1, diameter 222mm  NOS £65.00
Campagnolo SPORT rear mech #1013/2, vintage item found in mid-1950s catalogues. Appears to have had almost nil use see edge of jockey wheel, clean and unscarred all round  USED £130.00
Simplex Competition double rings 48/50 with the curved connectors to fit Stronglight and majority of 3 pin cranks with 2 pages leaflet showing rod operated front mech, JUY53 fr.mech, double gear levers  NOS boxed £150.00
A "Silent Salesman" item by Campagnolo. Signature on ends and front. Slots might accept a crank and tiered steps to display parts measures 430mm long x 192mm wide x 115mm high. Look impressive on your jumble table or make a monster (monstrous) desk tidy. If its been used, it shows no wear offer?
Pair of ICS chromed steel toeclips, labels partly peeled on front but the toe-ends and strap loops have not been scraped along the tarmac, Med? Long? size as indicated by steel rule in fb pic   USED £40.00
Campagnolo rubbers for gear levers/qr skewer levers: Royal blue, midnight blue, navy blue, grey, green. Two rubbers of one colour   NOS £24.00
Pair of CYCLO wheel carriers - they are clamped behind each front tracknut and your best racing wheels can be carried to an event. Popular many years ago when real cyclists rode out to the start of races (or didn't have a car)  USED ITEMS £20.00
Croce d'Aune right crank, has the left hand thread for self-extractor but I don't have a bolt available. Choice of 170mm or 172.5mm NOS  I do not have a LH crank £95.00
Pair of Campagnolo Super Record gear levers for braze-on bosses. These have RETRO-FRICTION action like Simplex = very light fingertip movement when pulled back and stiffer forwards. Note the larger width of cable drum area to contain mechanism. C-Rec Frizione Differenziata are quite scarce, but SupRec? all fittings in poly bag   NOS £150.00
Regina ORO Record chain with drilled side plates    NOS boxed £95.00
Sugino AeroMighty 2 bolt seatpost, teardrop shape and stamped 'For Tange', length of polished section = below neck/clamp 165mm   NOS £150.00
A chain hook clip-to-chainstay part# 40 & 41 to the Paris-Roubaix rod type gear change. A small item habitually discarded no doubt when the changer was removed from a frame. This clip is 60yrs old and NOS £50.00
An outwardly normal appearance pair of Nuovo Record small flange quick release hubs 32/32. However the front is 90mm OLN and the flanges 63mm apart rather than standard 100mm and 74mm. It is a particular machined item not juggling slim locknuts. For early 'aero' style cycle, narrow forks etc? The rear is standard 126mm OLN, IT thread      NOS boxed  £295.00
C-Record Pista sheriff star/large flange rear hub 24h BSC sprocket thread 120mm OLN with nuts & lockring      NOS  £250.00

One of my few interests outside the bicycle is collecting postcards of WIMBORNE and the surrounding villages. Having lived here since 1951, the changes that the town has undergone and that I have seen are quite considerable. 
Should you ever come across an album/collection which majors on Wimborne, then I could be interested to buy - or exchange for parts?  Of course the chance is between slim and nil but if this goes unmentioned then you will have seen something last week, that's sods law.
Other locations are: Shapwick Dorset not the Somerset one, Holt, Horton, Gaunts, Witchampton, Hinton Martell, Hinton Parva, Sturminster Marshall, Corfe
Also ephemera: Town Guides, Wimborne Town Football Club programmes w.h.y?



PISTA large (high) flange hubs 28/28, 32/40 with nuts & lockring      pair


PISTA large flange rear hub 28h 120mm OLN=Over Lock Nuts               hub NR PISTA rear 28h.jpg (169622 bytes)


PISTA large flange rear hub 28h 110mm OLN                      


Small (low) flange quick release hubs  24/24, 36/36 126.5mm OLN   pair       


Large (high) flange quick release hubs 24/24                                   pair


Front mech with FOUR cutouts and the narrow parallel front clamp band on 


Down tube braze on single right hand lever, backplate has outer casing stop


Down tube band on double levers


Down tube braze on double levers


Toeclips chromed steel Medium, Long


Toeclips chromed steel Short with NJS Keirin approved stamp underneath


Brake levers with undrilled handles, gum hoods GLOBE logo


Brake levers with gum hoods shield logo 


Brake levers with white hoods shield logo 


Chainring: 43, 44, 46, 51t


Chainring: Pista 1/8" 144bcd  56t-reinforcing shoulder below the teeth, for motor paced events?


the above rings are NR polished finish, not GS.


Seatpost 2 bolt 26.4mm, 26.8mm, 27.4mm 180mm long


Strada headset IT thread £250.00
Pista headset IT thread £250.00

PISTA BB set Ital thread NR thick wall cups with GIPIEMME SPECIAL PISTA axle 109mm




Front mech (derailleur) band on or braze on £75.00
Down tube braze on double levers £30.00
Portacatena set: lever with release button and support for chain-1 screw pattern for any dropout  £25.00
Chainring: 42t £75.00
Chainring: 44, 55t £50.00
Seatpost 1st generation 2bolt   26.4mm             180mm long £140.00
Seatpost 2nd generation single bolt   26.2mm    180mm long £140.00
Pista smooth unfluted LEFT crank only 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm £95.00
Strada smooth cranks chainset complete, black etched logo 165mm, 167.5mm, 177.5mm  choice of chainrings: 42, 44, 45, 52, 53, 54t £330.00
Strada smooth unfluted LEFT crank only 167.5mm £95.00
Toeclips alloy Short, Medium, Long £30.00
Toeclips chromed steel 50th ANNIVERSARY logo & signature  MEDIUM  £40.00
Strada headset IT thread £250.00
Allen key seat binder bolt #1072 standard 8mm shank O/D £8.00
Allen key seat binder bolt #1070 10mm shank O/D £14.00
Campagnolo freewheel 6sp 12-17 BSC in plastic tub & box PLUS the Campa long handled remover. If desired, sprockets can be supplied to make into 12-15,17,19 £370.00
Campagnolo freewheel inner body with final retaining ring, pawls & springs fitted, IT thread. Probably 6sp, I've never dismantled one or needed to find out. This is inner body only, not with outer part that cogs fit on £65.00
Letter  G  16t  
Letter  DE 23t  
Letter  16, 17, 26t  
Letter  A  17, 18, 19, 22t  
Front hub small flange Century finish 28h                       NO skewer £150.00
Strada rear hub small flange Century finish 32h IT or ISO 126mm OLN;             36h BSC 130mm OLN    NO skewer £150.00
Strada rear hub large flange Sheriff Star Century finish 36h BSC or IT 126mm OLN                NO skewer £295.00
Chainset Century finish 167.5mm, 170mm, 172.5mm choice of chainrings 41, 42, 50, 51, 52t £400.00
Friction double gear levers braze on, includes optional braze-on boss for top/centre of downtube aero style £40.00
Front mech band on 28.6mm with a/key cable anchor and chain lift pressings £120.00
Front mech braze on with either: 8mm hex head cable anchor/no chain lift pressings in cage OR with a/key cable anchor and chain lift pressings £120.00
Rear mech 2nd generation with C cutout in lower cage £395.00
Early brake levers as in cat.18bis, plain unribbed handles, shield logo at top, white hoods, can be used external cables or aero:- cable guide plates included  £150.00
Aero brake levers with white hoods, PowerGrade model with a/key +/- adjustment slot, commonly supplied with Delta sets        pair £85.00

The hubs on next seven lines listed below are all silver alloy finish

NJS KEIRIN approved large flange Sheriff Star rear hub 36h.  flange, tracknuts, lockring all stamped NJS £400.00
PISTA rear hub small flange 24h BSC, 28h BSC, 32h FR with nuts & lockring £110.00
PISTA rear hub small flange 32h with nuts & lockring FRENCH thread together with Camp 16t alloy fixed sprocket with matching FR thread £140.00
PISTA rear hub large flange Sheriff Star 24h BSC with nuts & lockring    £250.00
Front hub small flange 36h                   with skewer boxed £70.00
Strada Rear hub small flange 32h IT 126mm OLN                   NO skewer £120.00
Strada Rear hub large flange Sheriff Star 28h IT 126mm OLN   NO skewer £295.00
C-Record/Chorus/Athena/Victory/Triomphe  aero sliding toeclips MEDIUM alloy  £30.00
MULTI-SIZE SYSTEM sliding toeclips to fit as above, Medium chromed steel, the strap slot at top unclips like a metal watch strap and can be adjusted up/down. 
As depicted in Record brochure 03/88
MULTI-SIZE SYSTEM regular toeclips Medium or Long chromed steel, intended for Record Ergonomic or TBS but will fit any other standard pedals, adjustable strap slot as above £30.00
Aero seatpost 26mm  130mm or 180mm long £70.00
Aero seatpost 26.2mm, 27.4mm  180mm long £150.00
Chainring: 51-AS £50.00
Bottom Bracket set alloy cups, lockring ITAL thread, 111mm axle, PVC sleeve £130.00
TANDEM CRANKS CROSS-OVER DRIVE for front/single ring. Chainwheel side has LH pedal thread and left crank has RH thread, pair 170mm cranks £140.00
Tandem rear hub large undrilled flanges 8spd cassette body 32h, 135mm OLN. secures in dropouts with allen head bolts screwing into axle or accepts q/r skewer £90.00
ATHENA pedals with Medium alloy toeclips and leather straps £120.00
Athena aero brake levers silver alloy handles with pale grey hoods £85.00
CHORUS aero seatpost 26.8mm  #SP-10CH £100.00
Chorus aero seatpost 27.2mm £140.00
Chorus pedals with Medium alloy toeclips and leather straps £180.00
Chorus/Athena BB set BSC or ITALIAN thread cups, 111mm axle £85.00
Chorus rear mech with A/B range adjustment, band on front mech, braze on Syncro downtube levers with 6s & 7s inserts  mechs boxed, 1990+/- £250.00
Chorus small fl qr hubs 130mm OLN 36/36 ISO thread boxed 1990+/- £150.00
GRAN SPORT REAR MECH, the original chromed steel/bronze circa 1962, still has the blue card disc retaining top mounting bolt untouched by a chain £250.00
GRAN SPORT alloy chainset 116bcd rings,170mm,42/52-THIS SET WAS MADE FOR CITY BIKE WITH 13mm CHAINGUARD CLEARANCE BETWEEN BACK OF CRANK AND FACE OF RING. Ital BB, triple axle.  £117.50
Gran Sport headset chromed steel 1" BSC with Campa 5/32" loose balls £55.00
Gran Sport brake levers with black hoods    pair £95.00
Gran Turismo rear mech #2270 with or without hanger fitted £60.00
NUOVO TIPO Large Flange QR Rear hub 36h 120mm OLN     NO skewer £90.00
RALLY very long cage rear mech-90mm between jockey wheel centres, late 80s product also known as New Rally £150.00
VICTORY pedals with M alloy toeclips & straps £120.00
Toeclips to fit Victory,Triomphe, Athena,Chorus pedals in C-Record above
Victory rear mech £85.00
Victory large fl qr hubs with skewers 32/32h 126mm OLN rear IT thrd  £375.00
Victory large flange rear hub 32h IT, 36h FR all 126mm OLN £125.00

Any dates quoted are from box labels, leaflets therein or a cursory glance through a catalogue. They should not be treated as definitive, you are welcome to request a pic

RECORD BB cartridge carbon centre, BSC thread 102mm axle #BB99-RE02BC   £75.00
Record BB cartridge carbon centre, ITAL thread 111mm axle  #RE-11IT £80.00
Record double chainset 170mm,177.5mm 39/52,39/53 10sp silver for sq taper axle2003 £220.00
Record chainring OUTER 53t 1994 on paper envelope stamped 53/42 £25.00
Record chainring 39t  #FC-RE039 £55.00
Record THREADLESS 1" headset  #HS00-RETH £40.00
Record HIDDENSET 11/8" o/s £35.00
Record front mech RECORD on arm all silver, braze on or band on 28.6mm, year 2000 label on box £60.00
Record front mech 9sp band on 28.6mm, 32mm, 35mm all silver £85.00
Record front mech CT Titanium model cf outer face braze on 2006 £90.00
Record Titanium rear mech 10sp long cage cf outer arm & cage face 2006 #RD4-REXL £250.00
Record TITANIUM rear mech 8sp  £280.00
Record 10sp chain connector  #1134435 on label £1.00
10sp chain assembling pliers  #UT-CS050 £25.00
Record 9sp chain #CN99-RE09 £20.00
Record 8sp Ultra Drive cassette 13-26 £42.00
Record front hub 36h with skewer boxed  #HB-10RE  96 on box £70.00
Brake levers bar end fitting, black anod alloy   #BL12-CRCGA    pair £55.00
Record clipless pedals white, in 1992 cat.  #PD-12REQR £130.00
Record clipless pedals white with dial wheel on back, 1996 cat. #PD-22REQR £130.00
Record carbon seatpost 27.2mm 220mm length of round post with seat tube collar £170.00
Record seat tube clamping collar for 31.8mm frame £8.00
Record PISTA 1/8" chainring 47, 48t 144pcd  current product £65.00
RACING TRIPLE rear mech 9sp in 1998 cat. £230.00
CHORUS BB cartridge BSC or ITAL 102mm axle  # BB99-CH02BC/IT £69.00
Chorus 10sp chainset 170mm 39/52    all silver alloy for sq taper axle 2003 £190.00
Chorus 9sp chainset 170mm 39/53      all silver alloy for sq taper axle £150.00
Chorus chainring OUTER 53t 1994 on paper envelope stamped 53/42 £20.00
Chorus headset 1998  threaded 1" BSC  £90.00
Chorus 1998 RIGHT hand 9sp Ergo shifter with alloy handles, no cutout in tab of gear lever £130.00
Chorus front mech CHORUS on arm braze on or band on 28.6mm   9sp all silver £55.00
Chorus front mech braze on CHORUS 10sp on arm   alloy/chrome  £55.00
Chorus front mech 10sp as above band on 32mm, 35mm £55.00
Chorus rear mech 9sp short cage all silver 2001>>  #RD01-CH209 £140.00
Chorus front hub 36h with skewer  #HB-00CH  96 on box £60.00
Chorus front hub 32h, 36h with skewer specific front hub to 1999   99 on box £60.00
Chorus cassette UD 10sp 13-26  2008 £120.00
Chorus brake calipers all silver pair #BR-22CH  96 label on box £140.00
Chorus 'D' brake calipers all silver pair 2006       £130.00
CENTAUR front mech 10sp band on 32mm, 35mm  alloy/chrome £18.00
Centaur 9sp ErgoPower shifters with ALLOY handles & all cables;  Centaur 9sp alloy/silver short cage rear mech;  Record 9sp chain     3 items sold as a bundle £325.00
DAYTONA 9/10sp rear hub 32h, complete NOS hub with alloy axle, bearings all intact. NO cassette body-source one or strip for spares? £40.00
VELOCE chainset 9sp 2003 170mm 39/53 all silver   for sq taper axle £85.00
Veloce 8sp down tube braze on shifters #SL-11SVLCG  1995-97 £60.00
Veloce rear mech 9sp short cage pre-2000 model with 'B' screw at top bolt  £70.00
Veloce rear mech 9sp short cage all silver 2001>>   #RD02-VL209 £60.00
Veloce rear mech 9sp long cage/triple  2008 £75.00
Veloce 9sp cassette 13-26   bright chromed sprockets £42.00
Veloce rear hub 9/10sp all silver FH07-VE with Chorus 1999 front hub HB99-CH - together to make pair of 32/32 £100.00
Veloce/Mirage BB cartridge, steel end cups Ital thread 111mm axle £17.00
MIRAGE front mech 9sp  braze on or 32mm, 35mm band    £17.00
Mirage rear mech 9sp wording embossed on chrome parallelogram pre-2000 £65.00
Mirage dual pivot brake calipers black   pair £35.00
Mirage chainset 9sp 2003  170mm 39/53 all silver   for square taper axle £65.00
Mirage silver chainring 39t   #FC-MI039 £29.00
Water bottle 750ml silver-grey with Campa signature £7.00
Front q/r axle complete with cones & locknuts for Record, Vento, Zonda, Scirocco, Eurus, Proton as in 1998 parts book £35.00
Hub bearing cup fits front & rear #HB-RE124. Fits Eurus, Neutron, Record, Shamal, Zonda £15.50
Jockey wheels 9sp #RD-RE600       pair £25.00
Jockey wheels 8sp #RD-RE500       pair  £25.00
Brake block rubbers #BR-RE600    1998+/-    2 pairs (4 rubbers) £24.00
Dustcover for Campa front hub as in current Pista    #HB-RE739 £2.00
Oiler hole clip for current Pista hubs   #HB-RE002 £3.50
Upper clamp threaded; lower clamp with 0.5mm serrations for 2004 onwards seatpost & clamping bolt, washer, collar £79.00
Upper clamp threaded for Record, Chorus seatpost pre and post 2003 £20.00
Downtube cable stops silver alloy for Ergo cables    pair    #EC-RE001 £19.00
Down tube cable stops black resin for Ergo cables  pair    #EC-AT001 £5.00
Brake cables current product black with Campa printed along outers: 2 inner wires & 2 outer casings £20.00
Ergo gear cables Campa #113425.2: 2 inner wires & 2 lengths black casing plus pair black resin cable stops all in sealed packet   £20.00
Gear cables for bar end shifters Campa #1134105: 2 inner wires 2m long & 2 black outers 600mm, 1 short outer £20.00
Gear cables for tandem Campa #1134110: 2 inner wires 2.7m long & 2 black outers 600mm, 1 short outer £20.00
Allen key seat binder bolt #1072/SP-RE104 standard 8mm shank O/D £8.00
Allen key seat binder bolt #1070 10mm shank O/D £14.00
CAMPAGNOLO EUCLID small flange rear hub with solid axle & Campa track nuts 36h IT 126mm OLN £75.00
Campa CENTAUR headset Ital thread 25.4mm (1") £75.00
Campa OLYMPUS compact cantilever brakes set with levers, cables  all black £125.00
SUNTOUR brake levers for ATB/flat bars neat compact design, model unknown 1pr £35.00
3.5mm allen key for Delta brakes £3.00
5mm allen key with knurled grip #767 £10.00
 'T' shape 6mm allen key with 8mm box spanner on end #143/2 £20.00
Cone spanners 'Q'  13/14mm  pair £14.00
Pedal cap spanner-square end CR/Vic & fits CR pulley cone #7130021 £10.00
Crank extractor RIGHT hand thread #770 £23.50
Crank extractor LEFT hand thread #UT-FC070 £28.00
Saddle spanner for 2bolt seatpost #771 £35.00
Brake spanner #2025 £10.00
BB fixed cup/pedal axle spanner #713 £29.00
Shimano 2pin adjustable BB cup & 32mm headset spanner  as Camp #712 £15.00
Shimano BB lockring & 32mm headset spanner  as Camp #712/1 £15.00
Splined tool for Record/Chorus BB cartridge & cassette lockring #TL-7130036 £13.00
10sp Chain assembling pliers #UT-CS050 £25.00
Pin for chain rivetting plier  #7281409 £2.50
Rear mech hanger alignment tool #UT-VS030 £89.00
Campa tool to drift out 1" headset races from headtube  #723/UT-HS050 £60.00
Regina 2 dog remover for GS, ORO freewheels £10.00
RIMS FOR WIRED-ON TYRES/CLINCHERS priced as PAIRS of same drilling = 2x32h, 2x36h etc   unless stated as One Rim Only  

The word BLACK is used advisedly to indicate the rim is not silver. It may actually be dark grey/anthracite/charcoal or even black but it wont be silver

CAMPAGNOLO GAMMA black 32h £75.00
Campagnolo GAMMA silver 32h £75.00
Campagnolo OMEGA 19 black 36h £100.00
Campagnolo OMEGA 6082 ALLOY T6 black 20mm wide 32h, 36h £100.00
Campagnolo OMEGA V silver 32h  £100.00
Campagnolo OMEGA V black 32h  £100.00
Campagnolo MIROX silver 36h        ATB 26" £65.00
Campagnolo ZARK silver 36h          ATB 26" £65.00
Campagnolo ZARK black 32h, 36h  ATB 26" £65.00
Campagnolo K2 silver 32h              ATB 26"          £75.00
Ambrosio BALANCE black with silver walls  36h £65.00
MAVIC CXP21 V section BLUE 32h £55.00
Mavic CXP21 V section RED 36h £55.00
Mavic REFLEX SUP blue/grey with silver walls 36h  £75.00
Mavic REFLEX SUP CD dark grey all over 32h £85.00

BIANCHI ELEVATION/AMBROSIO V section black 24h with 24 black spokes-presumably to fit small flange hub                             ONE RIM ONLY

NISI black 40h 19mm wide                                                  ONE RIM ONLY £55.00
Mavic Open Pro SSC black gloss finish 28h                          ONE RIM ONLY £55.00
Mavic single eyelet black w/silver walls 32h poss Open Sport?     ONE RIM ONLY £30.00
Mavic G40 27x1¼ dark 40h                                                 ONE RIM ONLY £55.00
RIMS FOR TUBULARS/SEW-UPS priced as PAIRS of same drilling = 2x32h, 2x36h etc   unless stated as One Rim Only  
CAMPAGNOLO RECORD CRONO silver 36h £230.00
Campagnolo SIGMA CRONO OXIDE silver 28h, 36h £120.00
Campagnolo SIGMA 7075 dark 36h £120.00
Campagnolo LAMBDA STRADA silver 36h decals as 1995 cat. £85.00
Campagnolo OMEGA V black 24h £70.00
Mavic CX18 grey 28h red labels £100.00
NISI SLUDI mod.290 silver 36h  £70.00
NISI SLUDI mod.320 silver 28h - 1pr    £70.00
AMBROSIO SYNTHESIS Durex Super Professional grey 28h £85.00
Campagnolo Barcelona 92 silver 32h label as 1999 cat.    ONE RIM ONLY £45.00
Campagnolo Barcelona 92 silver 36h label as 1999 cat.    ONE RIM ONLY £45.00
Campagnolo Record Crono silver 36h                              ONE RIM ONLY £130.00
Campagnolo Sigma 7075 dark 36h decals as 1995 cat.    ONE RIM ONLY £60.00
 I have purchased 'export' triple-wall cartons which can ship up to 4 rims. The cost for the carton is £7 plus ship to your address. Given the relatively fragile nature of rims whilst in transit it has proven worthwhile. Typical costs are:    SHIP & CARTON in UK by PForce 48hrs £19, to USA £40,  to ANTIPODES/JAPAN £54   



Adjuster screws springs & caps for short forkends-lower jaw 28mm+/-     pair £6.00
Adjuster screws springs & metal caps for long forkends-lower jaw 38mm+/- & 4 mudguard bolts + washers in sealed bag.  plastic wingnut caps on request £10.00
Campagnolo brake lever hoods for NR/SR levers shield logo gum/brown    pr £50.00
Campagnolo brake lever hoods for NR/SR levers shield logo white            pr £35.00
Campagnolo brake lever hoods Cobalto flared shape white                       pr £30.00
Campagnolo brake lever hoods for aero levers shield logo black                pr £30.00
Campagnolo ErgoPower hoods for 8s/early 9s pointed top  #EC-RE500    pr £30.00
Two little plates that fit in early aero levers to guide the cable-and frequently drop out-plus two plugs to blank off top hole in hoods    4pcs in sealed pkt £15.00
Brake block rubbers NR/SR         2 pairs  (4 rubbers) £24.00
Brake block rubbers for DELTAS  2 pairs  (4 rubbers) £30.00
Wheel guides for DELTAS black PVC coating            set of 4 £20.00
Rubber bellows white for top cable entry of DELTAS   pair £20.00
Alloy adjuster wheel for DELTAS with knurled edge=no rubber ring required £8.00
Brake centre spindle front nut fitting #2012 with nyloc nut #2002 £26.00
Brake centre spindle rear nut fitting or will suit a/key front #2012/1 £23.00
Brake centre spindle short rear for allen key   £23.00
Brake centre spindle DROP BOLT length for nut fitting rear, may not be Camp as not stamped-missed the machine that day?  but is identical profile to #2012/2 £50.00
Brake inner wires original thick 1.8mm wire <C> on nipple TWO FRONTS for  £5.00
Gear cables current product stainless   pair £6.00
Outer casing for gear cable stainless, chainstay stop to rear mech    #617 £15.00
Outer casing as above pearl white CR era £10.00
Pista chainwheel to crank bolts set of 5 £32.00
Strada double chainwheels to crank bolts set of 5 £30.00
Triple chainwheel bolts set = 5 double ring bolts + 5 outer halves for inner ring #FC-CO100 £35.00
BB steel cups & lockring pair: thick wall/rifled hole Italian thread £30.00
BB axle 68-SSG (Athena) length 111mm, suitable with thin wall cups £12.00
Bolts & washers=two of each, crank to axle 15mm hex head Patent Camp £22.00
C-Record BB balls in resin cages in red plastic pot £15.00
Ball bearings 5/32" = headset/pedals qty 50 in Camp sealed packet £5.00
Ball bearings 5/32", 3/16" GIULIET Made in Italy on bulk carton, per 100 £5.00
NR steel top nut for headset #681  BSC £25.00
NR steel top nut for headset 25x1 French thread & spacing washer with flat inside £25.00
NR upper headtube race for Strada headset #684 £10.00
SR alloy top nut for headset #4042 BSC      £35.00
SR alloy screwed race for Strada headset      #4044 Ital thread £45.00
SR upper headtube race for Strada headset   #4045 £10.00
SR top nut + alloy spacing washer + screwed race FOR 25x1 FRENCH THREAD £70.00
SR alloy spacing washer with flat inside for FR column, get machined for IT/BSC? £15.00
CR alloy top nut for headset 25x1 French thread & spacing washer with flat inside £25.00
CR dogged washer fits between top nut & race £4.00
CR Pista alloy screwed race for headset Ital, this is the smaller OD race for 5/32" balls £45.00
CR Pista upper headtube race for above screwed race          #7133045 £10.00
CR fork crown race for Pista 1" headset, stamped NJS, 37.75mm OD,  #7133075 £25.00
CR upper headtube race for 1" headset larger 40.5mm OD for 3/16" balls #7133086 £10.00
Band on body with narrow parallel hinge/clamp for front mech £20.00
Top mounting bolt to dropout for NR rear mech #166/A £40.00
Jockey wheels dark grey colour for NR/SR 10t with bushes & side covers   pair £40.00
Jockey wheels black or grey for CR rear mech-these are just the toothed wheel #2302007, NO cones/balls/outer covers       pair £24.00
The "signet ring" toothed insert that fits between upper body & dropout on Victory, Triomphe and early Athena rear mechs   #7116067 £18.00
Front pedal plates silver-two + four bolts/washers for C-Record Ergonomic pedals  £30.00
Toeclip mounting screws for GS/NR/SR 4 screws & 4 washers #676/677 £5.00
Toeclip mounting screws & 'arrowhead' alloy plates for CR pedals-sealed pkt includes pr toestrap buttons £20.00
Toeclip mounting screws and stepped alloy plates for Triomphe pedals-sealed pkt includes pr toestrap buttons £20.00
Campagnolo toestrap end buttons with shield logo  grey   pair £8.00
Pedal dustcaps chromed plastic GS/NR/SR serrated edge Patent Campa on domed top  sold singly/each £17.00
Record fixed sprocket lockring for Pista hub  £22.00
Record PISTA front solid axle bare overall length 128mm = 10mm shorter than usual length, stamped Camp with chromed/domed ends £15.00
Record PISTA rear solid axle #29P bare £30.00
Solid 10mm rear axle 170mm long, useful for Pista hub in 126mm road ends, this is a Camp stamped part possibly #1281 £25.00
PISTA hub tracknuts front #667   rear #668   pair  £25.00
Record front q/r axle bare #19 £5.00
Front q/r axle complete with cones, locknuts for Record, Vento, Zonda, Scirocco, Eurus, Proton as in 1998 parts book £35.00
Front q/r axle complete with cones, locknuts for Chorus, Athena, Veloce 1998+/- £30.00
Record 5sp rear q/r axle bare 130mm+/- long £10.00
Nuovo Tipo 5sp rear q/r axle complete with cones, spacers, & locknuts £30.00
Record 6sp rear q/r axle complete with cones, spacer & locknuts £30.00
Rear q/r CrMo axle 7sp/141mm long, Camp 10x26tpi thread by Wheels Mfg £22.00
Rear axle spacer alloy 11.5mm, 12.5mm £3.00
Record front skewer complete curved lever £25.00
Record 5sp rear skewer complete curved lever £25.00
Record 6sp rear skewer complete curved lever £25.00
Record 7sp rear skewer complete curved lever £35.00
C-Record tapered alloy dust cover fits in end of hubs front, rear each £15.00
Bolt 609/1 & nut for lever band/cable guide  £3.00
Chainstay cable stop #636 £5.00
Double gear cable guide clips around downtube above BB  #626/A £25.00
Double cable casing stop clips around downtube in lieu of lever band  #629 £25.00
Brake cable clips for top tube #649 set of 3 in paper envelope £15.00
Pump head plastic with female thread #3346 £10.00
Pump head with 7mm male thread for French pumps #1030/3 £20.00
Pump head UK type with male thread #1030 £20.00
660 gear lever bosses pair                      BRAZE ON                    £5.00
663 rear gear cable guide                       BRAZE ON £5.00
626/B front mech cable guide                 BRAZE ON £5.00
621 'divers helmet' chainstay cable stop  BRAZE ON £2.50
7102012 bracket for f.mech                    BRAZE ON £5.00
80/1 gear hanger eye to replace stripped thread etc  BRAZE ON £25.00
Campagnolo frame dropouts set 4, front & rear #1010/B £30.00
Campagnolo Pista frame dropouts 2 fronts, 2 rears £70.00
Handlebar silver single cable groove 64-40, 65-44.                                 
double cable grooves 66-40.            40 or 44 = cm centre-centre
Handlebar silver NO grooves 66-40 £50.00
Handlebar TOP ERGO 64-40, 66-40 double cable grooves. 7075 alloy blue/grey anodised.     These bars have normal curves, no anatomic angles £40.00
Handlebar plugs with winged C logo  chrome, gold, black     pair £3.00
1/A stem silver 135mm £40.00
1/A stem black 95mm £45.00
1/R Record stem black 110mm £70.00
XE stem silver 130mm   26mm CLAMP £40.00
101 stem silver 125mm, 140mm £40.00
PINOCCHIO stem 125mm, 140mm   26mm CLAMP  £40.00
PINOCCHIO stem 135mm, 140mm  £40.00
GRAMMO TITANIUM ROAD 130mm, 135mm, 140mm unpolished grey finish £95.00
GRAMMO TITANIUM ATB 110mm, 120mm, 130mm   25.4mm CLAMP £95.00
SESAMO 1"AHEAD  black/silver 110mm, 120mm.     26mm CLAMP £38.00
Plastic button with winged C motif for front of Record and XA stems £5.00
Handlebar smoke grey single groove model MERCKX/MEX42 COMPETIZIONE.   
also have one MEX42 SUPER COMPETIZIONE and one TDF42 SUPER COMPETIZIONE                                    42cm measured outside to outside
3TTT handlebar GIMONDI 40 with ALMARC sewn-on BLACK leather covering, brake lever bands fitted  £120.00
3TTT handlebar MERCKX 42 with ALMARC sewn-on WHITE leather covering, brake lever bands fitted £120.00
RECORD 84 stem smoke grey 80mm £55.00
STATUS stem smoke grey 125, 130, 140mm £30.00
QUID same forging as Status but silver 120mm £30.00
PISTA  #2 sloping stem silver 120mm panto BOERIS £85.00
Black bung to cover expander bolt fits 12mm hole, clear 'lens' top with 3ttt logo £10.00
REGINA Corsa 3/32" black chain mod.50 £45.00
Regina Super Racing chain silver suits 5-8sp in 1991 cat. £40.00
Regina 50 America SL chain silver with hollow rivets in red can £90.00
Regina ORO 5sp freewheel 14-18, 14-20  use 2 dog remover £40.00
Regina ORO 5sp freewheel mod.BX 14-20, 14-22, 14-26, 14-28   use splined remover £40.00
Regina ORO 6sp freewheel 14-22   2 dog  £45.00
Regina ORO mod.BX 6spd freewheel 14-20     splined £45.00
Regina CX-S 6sp freewheel silver 14-23, 14-24, 15-23       splined £45.00
Regina AMERICA 1992 7sp freewheel silver 13-21 in green can   splined £45.00
Regina 2 dog remover for GS, ORO freewheels £10.00
Everest 5sp freewheel gold 13-17, 13-22  £40.00
MAILLARD SACHS 8sp freewheel silver 12-19  £60.00
SACHS Aris 7sp freewheel silver 12-21 plus 4 random spare sprockets  £45.00
SHIMANO 600 UG 5sp freewheel silver 13-19 £40.00
SUNTOUR 888 6sp freewheel black  13-28                               use 4 dog remover £40.00
SunTour 7sp cassette 13-28 and freewheel cassette body to mount on hub £20.00
EVEREST fixed sprocket 22t x 3/32" £5.00
YABAN chain silver very unusual shaped links suits 5-8sp £25.00
Iscaselle/Gipiemme Vuelta black textured top steel rails £32.00
Selle Italia Novus red with yellow centre strip £100.00
Selle Italia Novus Ferrari black with grey centre strip, Ferrari badge on nose & back £200.00
Selle Italia Mythos CLAUDIO CHIAPUCCI 'devil' stitching blue/orange TO CLEAR £50.00
Selle Italia CENTURY blue with SI 100 stitching                              TO CLEAR £50.00
Selle Italia CENTURY black with ROSSIN stitching forged alloy one-piece rails TO CLEAR £50.00
Selle Italia Turbomatic 3 red with black/yellow JAN ULLRICH signature stitching, yellow manganese rails                                                                TO CLEAR £50.00
AMBROSIO BIKE RIBBON padded 'bar tape blue, silver-grey £5.00
BENOTTO non adhesive 'bar tape--black, red, blue, silver-grey, copper  2 rolls for one 'bar with 2 end plugs in packets  £6.00
TRESSOREX cloth 'bar tape    blue, yellow         per roll £1.90
Handlebar plugs chrome badged: BENOTTO    pair £5.00
Handlebar plugs with screw expander to grip  yellow  pr £3.50
Handlebar plugs with screw expander to grip  black rubber   pr £3.50
DEDA VELOCITA steel Pista bars 26mm ferrule, 42cm outside-outside £58.00
Expander bolt & cone for stem 7mm diameter, 184mm long with 60mm of thread, 10mm hex head; not a thrilling item but increasingly hard to find when you want one £6.00
OUTER CASING/HOUSING for brake cables original FLUTED surface not smooth. mid/grass green colour.  If you wish to check the colour, send me some stamps I will mail you a sample piece £5.00 per metre
CYCLO pump peg with flat peg like Campa one only £5.00
DIA-COMPE brake lever hoods for external cables will fit Campa Nuovo/Super Record, GPM, Galli etc brown, black   ideal for regular use bike being PVC & cheap! £10.00
DIA-COMPE bar end shifters not indexed, retro-friction action like Simplex d/t levers,  silver alloy   pair £50.00
FiR crank dustcaps silver alloy, will fit Campa cranks       pair £10.00
FiR double chainwheel bolts quality chrome plate will fit any double rings   set of 5 £15.00
FT BOLOGNA BB SET: steel axle 115mm long with ball races pressed on, sq taper is for Campa cranks, end bolts, pair alloy cups with alloy lockrings plus spare pr lockrings       BSC thread £140.00
GALLI rear mech, nice black/silver alloy product copy of Super Record £100.00
Galli brake lever hoods gum, will fit NR/SR   pair £27.00
GEBHARDT~Czech Republic, inner alloy chainring fit NR/SR 144bcd  44t  also GPM? Ofmega? un-branded rings NR or SR look-alikes 42t £25.00
GIPIEMME Strada 68 BB axle 112mm appears same dimensions as Camp NR pre-78  68-SS-120 £15.00
Gipiemme chainring Strada 144bcd  41t £65.00
Gipiemme chainring: PISTA 1/8"  144bcd  49t £35.00
Gipiemme chainring: PISTA 1/8"  144bcd  49t   with reinforcing shoulder below teeth as vintage Campa   £55.00
Gipiemme chromed plastic crank dustcaps wording: Gipiemme Campa pair £6.00
HURET Super Success rear mech, titanium & alloy, drilled jockey cage £150.00
ITM ECLYPSE Stem Ti finish 100mm £40.00
LOOK PEDALS PP226 white/black with cleats, screws           TO CLEAR £30.00
LOOK PEDALS PP236 white/grey, with cleats, screws           TO CLEAR £30.00
MAVIC 571 cassette rear hub with skewer 32h, body accepts Mavic sprockets £60.00
MICHE silver alloy chainring 36t 116bcd fits Campa Victory, Triomphe, some GS £25.00
MICHELIN Hi-Lite COMP 700x20 smooth black tread with pale/beige walls, look like a tub rather than the all-black hosepipes currently available    pair  £42.00
MODOLO hinged jaw/opening handlebar stem silver, black 95mm £36.00
Modolo 919 brake lever hoods clear = transparent £30.00
Modolo brake block rubbers for KRONOS these are handed L/R, so 2 of each £25.00
OFMEGA large flange rear hub plain undrilled flanges 36h 126mm OLN solid axle 10mm diameter £20.00
REG cable clip #749 white plastic holds 2 brake cables together above stem  £5.00
Simplex Super LJ derailleur ensemble: rear mech, front mech band on, retro-friction gear levers band on #33019/5007=no cutouts in handles, cables £195.00
Simplex jockey wheels bush type pair plus asstd Simplex screws & bits for mechs £20.00
Simplex jockey wheels with ball bearings not bushes  pair £20.00
Simplex spoke disc chrome plated steel 195mm diameter  #1165   £20.00
Simplex double downtube cable stop #3604L  £20.00
Simplex Demultiplicator Relais for use with h/bar control #3637L see pic on velobase £50.00
Simplex chainstay stop for gear outer casing #2112 £6.00
Stronglight BB axle with end bolts 125mm long £20.00
Stronglight triple chainset bolts & spacers set of 5 £7.00
Stronglight double chainset bolts set of 5 also fit Campa etc £5.00
TANGE LEVIN headset chrome plated steel 1" resembles NR Pista £20.00
TITAN handlebar stem chromed steel 60mm £75.00
Toeclips BIERRECI (BRC) chromed steel Long                                 pair £15.00
Toestraps ALFREDO BINDA blue, black, red, tan/mustard colour       pair £45.00
UNIVERSAL brake hoods for mod.68 levers gum with gum conical adjuster rubbers £45.00
Weinmann front spindle for centre-pull brake with 2 alloy fork pads, plain washer, nylocnut £5.00
Weinmann rear centre-pull brake cable hanger with adjuster fits on seatlug bolt,      long V shape £15.00
Dura-Ace cartridge headset #HP-7410  1" BSC  £100.00
Chainring silver: 41,43,44,48,50,53t £22.00
Chainring black: 44,45t £22.00
Chainrings BIOPACE 1 x 42t & 1 x 53t sold together £25.00
RX100 downtube gear levers braze on 7sp index or friction  #SL-A550 £25.00
600 downtube gear levers grey colour braze on 7sp index or friction  #SL-6400 £25.00
D-A gear cables                                                            £4.00 pair £12.00 bag of 10
Brake levers 105 pair with white hoods, silver cables & notched covering for under bar tape all in sealed pack £65.00
Rear hub large flange 36h 126mm OLN solid axle 3/8" diameter 1970s? £25.00
Rear hub large flange 36h 126mm OLN solid axle 3/8" diam #HB-MN72 superior finish to above £45.00

_- " -_

SUNTOUR SL Accushift Plus downtube gear levers braze on with cables, 7/8sp on outer collar  £25.00
Suntour brake levers for ATB/flat bars neat compact design, model unknown  £35.00

SUNTOUR rear mech cable tunnel with stop for front mech casing (as Camp#626)

HURET rear mech cable tunnel with stop for front mech casing
HURET band on double rollers above BB for F/R mech cables

£10.00 each


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