Contact & FAQ’s

Nigel Scott

email is the preferred means of communication:

Telephone: 07717 369450

USA~if you are on West Coast/CA, you will have to call me by 09.00 to catch me here by 17.00!



Will you reserve items whilst I arrange funds?

I will reserve items for 48 (forty eight) hours from time of my response/price quote to allow arranging payment provided you have assured me that you will have them. Whilst the majority of my stock is held in depth, it is inevitable that some items are in single numbers. I cannot put aside components in the hope that payment will be forthcoming.

Which shipping method do you use?

Royal Mail for cartons up to 2kg weight and ParcelForce UPS or Fedex thereafter.

Shipping out of UK to rest of world: Majority of orders weigh under 2kg, consequently they will go by the favourable “Small Packet” rate.  Starting price is £5 then pro-rata to 2kg. A pair of rims weigh under 2kg but carton dimensions rule them out for Small Packet.   Typically, a pair of rims shipped beyond Europe will cost £40 to £50.    If you want something to read on a wet afternoon, go to RM and PF websites for full ship rates, length & girth max dimensions and to which countries the Customs label must go to left or right of address or it will be returned-yes really! I can offer no suggestions as to whether You will be charged any Customs Duty/tariff/tax etc when the goods land in your country. From buyers feedback, it appears to be imposed on a random basis with adherence to no obvious guidelines thus any charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Is Tracking and Insurance available?

When sending an item by Small Packet, Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed covers just about every country in the world with contents insurance of £50. Insurance cover for contents value between £51 and £250 costs additional £2.50. It carries a unique number but Royal Mail website does not tell you exactly where the item is once it has left UK. I will not ship anything regardless of value outside UK without at least this basic track#.  Putting this plainly; if insurance is offered but declined and the item is ‘lost’, it will not be me making the claim or replacing goods free of charge. This is particularly relevant nowadays with postal delays being almost universal alongside stringent security checks. See Royal Mail website for updates by country. I-T-S cannot be delivered to a PO Box or parcel station, only a home/work bricks & mortar address. If you would like shipping by Fedex/DHL with all-the-way tracking for any weight of carton, I am happy to obtain a price.

Why bother with a website, why not put it all on eBay?

It has crossed my mind. I am sure we have all seen some used items make more than my NOS, watch this space.

Do you have a Returns policy?

Not a policy per se. I give a sufficient description on the inventory and am happy to answer any relevant questions and send you a pic prior to your purchase. If you are involved in a classic rebuild, you will know what you need.  If you have ordered say, a 130mm stem and I send you a 120mm in error, I will correct it without hesitation. I once had an SR chainring returned because the buyer believed he could see where the five bolts had rotated in the recesses, but a chain had not touched it.  I can’t handle that sort of thing, get a life.  Perhaps where I bought it, the shop had substituted it for another size on a chainset at point of sale, its still NOS.

Will a freewheel fit English/BSC and Italian thread hubs?

It is my personal opinion that if any freewheel will screw on the intended hub turning with your fingers then it is satisfactory. 25.4mm = 1”. Italian hub thread is 35mm diameter. English is 1.370; multiply that by 25.4 = 34.798mm. Both are 24 teeth per inch. The difference when translated into the accuracy with which Regina, for example, machine threads is negligible.   French hub thread is 35mm x 1; which means there are 25.4 teeth per inch, but you do not have an inch of thread on a hub so less chance of an interference fit. If a regular freewheel will screw without binding on a French hub, then what’s the problem? I certainly do not condone tightening it with a chain wrench or treading on the pedals to tighten those last couple of turns.

Does same apply to headsets and fork columns?

I believe so. Italian thread is 25.4mm and English is 1”; again, both are 24 teeth per inch. The angle of English threads is 60deg. and continental 55deg. If the proposed screwed race will screw on by hand, not using a wrench, then it’s fine. This is bicycle equipment we are talking here not rocket engineering and when every part is not freely available, a compromise may be necessary after 20+ years.

French fork column is 25mm diameter and their pedal threads are 14mm which are completely out of step with everyone else-no change there then. Bottom bracket cups are exclusive to each nations intended shell, but I have known French cups fitting damaged threads in a British shell in an attempt to rescue the frame. Desperate remedies, needs must etc.

Do you think Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia in 1935 was ill advised?



The following has no relevance to campyoldy but it’s my site and I feel better for publishing my experience:

If your motor mower needs servicing, I took mine to Ashington Garden Machinery Ltd at the Garden Centre, Queen Anne Drive, Merley, Wimborne. The mower regularly spluttered to a halt after no more than 10 mins use which suggested to me, muck in the carb. At their first attempt, they fitted a new band brake cable and when that didnt work I returned it and this time they found – muck in the carb!  They had the audacity to charge me again/not allow the first bill against the second. Needless to say I am unimpressed having spent a ton on a mower worth less than £50.